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The company is committed to creating a positive climate based on reciprocal trust and collaboration in a comfortable, safe environment. The Cereal Docks community is made of people who feel like they are the protagonists of their work and involved in reaching the company’s shared goals.

An industrial company that is constantly evolving, Cereal Docks is looking for talented people who are open to change and ready to give it their all, who will participate in innovative projects in the world of food, animal nutrition, organic agricultural products, biotechnologies and agriculture 4.0. In exchange, the company offers concrete opportunities for professional and personal development.

Training and qualification of human resources are among the main drivers of growth in the Group. This was the inspiration behind the Mantegna Academy, the business school that supports the professional development of company employees, promoting talent, favoring internal growth and creating the right conditions for attracting the absolute best human resources. Working at Cereal Docks means participating in first person in an entrepreneurial project , feeling a strong sense of belonging, working in a team, feeling motivated to continuously improve, to reach goals and results together.

Via dell'Innovazione, 1 - Camisano Vicentino (VI)